Monday, April 13, 2009

Indian Elections: Raise your voice for developing India

Parliamentary elections in India will be held in five phases between April 16 and May 13, India's Election Commission announced Monday. A new Lok Sabha, or lower house of Parliament be constituted before June 2.

These elections are crucial to the growth of India. Foreseeing the problems that India is facing today, it is important to elect a PM who is well educated and who can work towards the growth of country with respect to Education, Agriculture, Information Technology, Defense Technology etc.

When we employ house maid for cooking food, What all we expect from her?
1. She should have good character.
2. She should work dedicate.
3. She should follow clean practices.
4. She should respect time.
5. She should not have any criminal background. She should not steal anything from house.
6. Etc etc etc...

Now, when we expect so many things from a person to whom we are governing and paying a small amount of money, how much can we expect from a Prime Minister of India?

When saying this, it is up to all of us to elect a "good" PM. The elections are on up of our head and we should think of a proper candidate for donating our vote. Most of the candidates have number of court cases pending on them, some for murders, some for rape, some of financial frauds. Don't select a person who is a CRIMINAL. How can a criminal govern a country?

This time let's go ahead and select a developing PM for India!


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Well said, Aparajit! B)

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