Friday, May 15, 2009

SandCastle - An Ultimate Documentation Tool

Most of you are aware of the free documentation tool NDOC which is available at SandCastel was developed on similar lines for generating a rich set of documentation from source assemblies. Sandcastle is a documentation compiler for Managed class library that generates Microsoft-style Help topics, both conceptual and API reference. It creates the API reference documentation from the XML comments that are provided in the code. Moreover it extracts these comments from the managed assembly, which means we can generate the entire documentation from application assemblies. Reflection is used to fetch the comments and other details from the managed assemblies. SandCastel provides a CHMBuilder tool, for generating HTML Help 1.x .chm files. Such tools are lifesavers when customer asks for a detailed documentation at the 11th hour.

You can get more information on SandCastel at the CodePlex site.


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