Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Twitter Updater - A Simple Windows Application

What is Twitter?
Twitter is a service for friends, family, and co–workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What are you doing? Thus you can keep your friends, family and co-workers updated with what you are doing, simply by updating Twitter. This article will explain, How to post a message to Twitter using your own desktop application.

Use of Twitter Updater Application
For updating twitter you need to logon to http://twitter.com/ and then post your message. For each simple activity, opening a web browser, navigating to twitter.com and then posting a message becomes a combersome task. To make it easy, I have developed a simple Windows application that can stay on your desktops which will update your twitter in seconds! Frequent users can keep there Twitter username and password in the associated config file. This will eliminate the need of entering the username and password everytime you want to update twitter.

Twitter Updater API's and Screen Shots
The Twitter Updater application makes use of the Twitter Framework API's which can be found at http://code.google.com/p/twitterizer. Following are the screen shot's of the application:

Helpful links for Twitter Programming in .Net
Twitter API Documentation: http://apiwiki.twitter.com/
Twitter Open Source Example: http://code.google.com/p/twitterizer/
Online Discussion Group for Twitterizer: http://groups.google.com/group/twitterizer/


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